The Diamond in Pictures

Those of you who find themselves anywhere near the University of Sheffield campus might have noticed the giant sci-fi cube being erected next to St Georges Church. The Diamond is the newest result of the University of Sheffield’s development spending spree. Housing 19 teaching laboratories, 1200 engineering study spaces, 24-hour library facilities and six (or seven?) mildly… Continue reading The Diamond in Pictures

Film Review: Amy

From the team behind Senna comes a new biopic: Amy. The new film tells the story of the meteoric rise and decline of Amy Winehouse through found footage and interviews from many of her close friends and her management team. Amy speaks directly to the audience, giving an intimate glimpse of her personality and charm.… Continue reading Film Review: Amy

Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?

Ever get this firewall box every time you turn on your mac? Apparently this is due to how the OS X firewall interacts with codesigning applications. If you click Allow for an unsigned application, the firewall signs the app for you there and then, (so nefarious people can’t then just swap out the application you… Continue reading Do you want the application to accept incoming network connections?