What’s that noise in Independent Woman?

Ever listen to Independent Woman and notice a weird noise in the background? It’s a kind of swishy noise you can just about hear throughout the track? Go listen, and you’ll definitely hear it. I always thought, it sounds unpleasant, so I wondered, is it intentional? To a nerd like me, it sounds a lot like an… Continue reading What’s that noise in Independent Woman?


Notifications. Synonymous with the modern age. Now I can’t even get through my morning coffee without them popping up. Jeremy likes my photo. I should stand up. I need to go for a run today. Something’s happened in the news. Good morning, here’s what you missed while you were sleeping And from there, it’s easy… Continue reading LIVING WELL IN THE AGE OF DISTRACTION


https://www.1843magazine.com/features/minds-turned-to-ash   I found this article in 1843 magazine interesting. I think the concept of burnout and the stories of people formerly being ambitious and suddenly giving up and wanting to veg out resonated with me. I also think the questions of who’s ambitions were being met in their lifestyles were relevant. The idea that… Continue reading MINDS TURNED TO ASH – JOSH COHEN

The Vertical Slum of Caracas

This office building, abandoned just as the concrete dried, became home to hundreds of people eking out an existence in downtown Caracas. Christened the ‘Tower de David’, it came to be known worldwide as the world’s tallest vertical slum. Watching the building sit unoccupied for many years, in 2007 some of the roughly 40% of Caraquenians living in self-erected housing decided to make use of this empty… Continue reading The Vertical Slum of Caracas

Spectre Review

Originally posted on movieauthority:
Spectre is your regular James Bond movie; 007 is on a mission-leaves a mess behind, gets told off and we are off. The intro is great, accompanied by Sam Smith’s amazing “Writing’s on the Wall” (still not as good as the Skyfall intro but that was perfect), nothing less than what…