The Diamond in Pictures

Those of you who find themselves anywhere near the University of Sheffield campus might have noticed the giant sci-fi cube being erected next to St Georges Church.

The Diamond is the newest result of the University of Sheffield’s development spending spree. Housing 19 teaching laboratories, 1200 engineering study spaces, 24-hour library facilities and six (or seven?) mildly futuristic lecture theatres, the building represent a huge expansion of the university, making good use of the previously derelict, but much remembered, Jessop’s maternity hospital site.

Yes, designers Twelve Architects have succeeded in designing a building which wouldn’t look out of place in the metropolis of Beijing or Dubai. But if you like the outside, wait until you see the inside.

Contractors Balfour Beatty have declared the building open for use! The only proviso being that actually some areas still need completing. And actually no you can’t go in there! And no, of course not on weekends, or evenings…

Nonetheless, it’s an impressive building, reminiscent of the lair of a more corporate James Bond villain. But hey, any uni building with catwalks gets my vote.

So, as we wait in anticipation for the paint and dust to be cleaned up and the construction crews to move out, here are some pictures of the building.
Click to embiggen.

More Info:


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